Simple battery dating violence

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Aggravated battery is creating a substantial risk of death or causing serious permanent disfigurement, impairment of bodily function, or loss of a fetus.

Sometimes abusers will stalk their former romantic partners, which is illegal.

The frequency and type of interaction between the persons involved in the relationship must have included that the persons have been involved over time and on a continuous basis during the course of the relationship.

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If domestic battery doesn't apply due to the relationship of the individuals (for example, teens in a dating relationship), regular battery or aggravated battery may apply.

The person has reported the sexual violence to a law enforcement agency and is cooperating in any criminal proceeding against the respondent, regardless of whether criminal charges based on the sexual violence have been filed, reduced, or dismissed by the state attorney; or2.

The request for reimbursement shall be submitted in the form and manner prescribed by the Office of the State Courts Administrator.

From this reimbursement, the clerk shall pay the law enforcement agency serving the injunction the fee requested by the law enforcement agency; however, this fee may not exceed .(c) No bond shall be required by the court for the entry of an injunction.(d) The clerk of the court shall provide the petitioner with a certified copy of any injunction for protection against repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence entered by the court.(4)(a) The sworn petition shall allege the incidents of repeat violence, sexual violence, or dating violence and shall include the specific facts and circumstances that form the basis upon which relief is sought.

Generally, domestic battery is a Class A misdemeanor.

However, it's a Level 6 felony (lowest felony level) if the person has a prior domestic battery conviction or it was committed in front of a child under 16 who could have seen or heard the incident. In comparison, aggravated battery is a Level 3 felony, unless it results in the death of a child under 14 by a defendant at least 18 years old, then it's a Level 1 felony.

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For those who are married or have children together, the injunction process and provide for temporary support and order the aggressor into counseling.